New Life in Skin Care

About Us

VIVAN BEBE has been a dream in the making. It started when we grieved the loss of friends dying of cancer in a short period of time. We lost close dear friend that would impact me for the rest of my life. I started thinking how could this be? Could this be avoided? All the harm we do to our bodies taking medications, poor diets and stress we are under and toxins we are exposed to.

Being a Skincare Aesthetician, growing up in the skincare and beauty business, with 15 years experience, gaining international exposure and working for a multi-national skincare company, with the passion to help others, this put me on the path of looking into all natural ingredients for your health and skincare.

This is where VIVAN BEBE started, proving a product without any chemicals, toxins, parabens or harmful ingredients for the use of babies, and any other sensitive skin which requires nurturing.
When my husband and I received the news that we were pregnant, with our first little one on the way, I thought to myself I want to give her the best, like all parents probably do. I did not want to expose her to what is harmful. To gain as much knowledge to what I would give her and apply on her skin.

We focus on taking care of your skin as a vital organ which contributes to the healthy working of our bodies.

VIVAN BEBE is born out of passion for skincare, healing and wellbeing of those using it.

We invite you to share in our passion and joy.

With Love,